Bereavement Cleaning Services: How We Can Help

Providing bereavement cleaning services is emotional because you’ll be helping a grieving family who have just lost someone they love.

It can be made even harder when the person has passed away in their own home. As well as sorting out paperwork and other admin, cleaning is an important task.

You might need to get the house ready ahead of the funeral or prepare the house for sale. Either way, it can be very upsetting having to do such tasks. But you’re not alone at a challenging time.

At CBS Cleaning, we assure our customers that we handle this type of clean with the sensitivity that it requires and deserves.

Our fully-trained, professional team can help with a wide range of cleaning jobs including carpets, upholstery and general deep cleaning.

We recommend CBS Waste and CBS Removals who can help with waste management and moving any items to a new location or storage. That way, our customers can get a complete and properly carried out 360 service from our team.

To book CBS Cleaning for bereavement cleaning services, call us on 01480 220434 or email [email protected] and to find out about the other services that we offer, click here.

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