Peterborough Bereavement Cleans


Why choose us

At CBS Cleaning, we understand how difficult it is to sort out a house after a bereavement of a loved one. Our team is fully trained in the care and compassion of family and friends at times like these.

We are able to carry out various types of cleaning from a simple light clean to a full house clean.

Combined with our other domestic services from CBS Removals and CBS Waste, we can recycle and donate any unwanted items of furniture you might have to other people who need it.

How to book us

We promise to deliver a professional and compassionate Peterborough bereavement cleaning service to our customers. And that is from the minute you request a booking to the minute we complete the clean. Look more into our partner websites CBS Waste and CBS Removals if you need companies to take away any waste or assets from the property. 

To book our Peterborough bereavement cleaning services, call our friendly office team on 01480 220434 or send us an email to [email protected]. Or you can also request a quote from the Get A Quote section of the CBS Cleaning website.